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We like to rot our brains on anime, manga, comics, and taiwan dramas. You should too .....

This is organized into 2 sections: Fun Sites & Reviews.

Fun Sites  

Sites we've created for our own comics, informational sites on other people's works, & fan sites.

a short, heartbreaking tale of a boy and his quest for a dog.
updated 11.04.02

[taiwan tv]
toast boy's kiss
cute beagle, and messed up people
updated 01.10.03

KareKano: life after the anime
A few measly crooked translated scans of the manga.
updated 09.17.01

Ougata & the Chief :: a really weird relationship
for the anime Angelic Layer, this is a pop-up window. and there are lots of teeny images.
updated 11.01.01

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Reviews of the comics, anime, manga, & tv shows we've seen.

more reviews ...

today's title image is from the manga Beck
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