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We have chinchillas. Six, in fact. Pocky (hetero-beige) is named after a tasty Japanese snack. He is our smartest chinnie, but also rather neurotic and scary. Kiki (standard) is more laid-back and likes to lay down and munch on treats and oats. She's named after a character in a Miyazaki film. Strawberry (hetero-beige) is the daughter of Pocky & Kiki. She is in training to be a chinnie child prodigy (pettable & huggable). Mac (standard male), Hazel (hetero-beige female), and Peanut (hetero-beige male) are also children of Pocky & Kiki from their most recent litter. 6 is the limit. Everyone is now living in happy single-sex domiciles.

Jocy created some really cute drawings of our chinnies. Inspired by these, we created some really cute chinnie-shaped soap.

We (we being kstroke) are going to create a calendar application to keep track of chinnie info. This takes care of annoying lapses in memory as to when they last took a bath or how many treats they ate last night.

There are a lot of experienced people out there who can help you decide whether a chinchilla is the pet for you. If you do decide to get one, there are also places where you can learn everything you need to make sure you're doing things right. The links will help point you in the right direction.

Haikus reveal the essence of the soft, furry, squirrel-rabbit-mouse creatures.

We have pictures lying around here somewhere.