Design Observer
A good place to go when I feel all designery.
kstroke . 2005.07.08 . comment

Core 77
Industrial design site I found when looking for info on foam modelling.
kstroke . 2005.06.23 . comment

Boing Boing
This is a great site that aggregates funny and interesting things happening around the world. I check it obsessively.
kstroke . 2004.09.28 . 12 comments

The Place to Go for Help with CSS
This site rocks for CSS needs.
kstroke . 2003.12.14 . 21 comments

Mad Modelling Skillz
Head on over to Cody's Coop to see some crazy modelling and painting skills. He is great at putting together, painting, and modifying models.
kstroke . 2003.10.25 . 25 comments

Replay Download
Rockin' Python based downloading tool for your ReplayTV. I've used it successfully on both my Windows and Linux boxes. Since downloading is all I want, makes more sense to me to use this than to use DVArchive (Java tool that allows you to do more, but it's not all in a cool little 52k file.)
kstroke . 2003.10.17 . 26 comments

Food TV
The first place I usually go to look up recipes. It even has videos on how to do some things that recipes say to do that you might not know off-hand.
kstroke . 2003.10.09 . 22 comments

Cinema Saver 10
Cheap second run movie theatre in Milpitas, CA. $1.50/ticket on Tuesdays, $3.50/ticket all other days.
kstroke . 2003.10.08 . 26 comments

not martha
Cool crafts, useful soap links, and great name. She's also at Sew Wrong, another hilarious name.
kstroke . 2003.10.06 . 43 comments

Funny. Great crafts ideas. Cute bunny.
kstroke . 2003.10.05 . 44 comments

Web Comics

Really well drawn. Sometimes funny, sometimes more serious. Updated monthly.
kstroke . 2003.10.14 . 25 comments

Scary Go Round
Funny British comic. Really quite funny.
kstroke . 2003.10.07 . 25 comments

little gamers
Crass humor. Not for kiddies though it's drawn like it.
kstroke . 2003.10.07 . 27 comments

Weird. Funny. Sometimes more one that the other. I've read up through part of day four.
kstroke . 2003.10.07 . 44 comments

Real Life
Good for a grin. Sometimes even a chuckle. Definitely worth a daily read.
kstroke . 2003.10.07 . 26 comments

American Manga. Well drawn. First hundred or so are pretty good. The pacing has gotten pretty slow lately so I usually wait a while and read a couple of months worth in one go.
kstroke . 2003.10.07 . 25 comments

PvP Online
Funnies. Family friendly. About a game review publishing company. Mostly not about games, though.
kstroke . 2003.10.07 . 24 comments

Penny Arcade
Hilarious. Largely revolves around gaming. Occasionally violent and crude. Always on point.
kstroke . 2003.10.06 . 22 comments