May 05, 2005

Of Permanent Value

If you're interested in reading about Warren Buffet, this is the book to read. It covers his life and his major financial moves in quite a bit of detail.

The first half of the book is dedicated to his personal history and his investments - company by company. Around the middle and the end, there're a couple of chapters with a bunch of humorous quotes. If you're not really interested in reading about every single investment a company at a time, I'd recommend reading the biographical chapters and the quotes chapters. Buffet seems like a pretty funny guy who invests with a set of principles but isn't rigidly bound by them. If you slog through all the of detailed moves, you see a few examples where he invests in companies that don't jive with what he's said before.

This book gets six squishy pigs (out of seven squishy pigs). It's not really for everyone, but wannabe investment nerds like me will like it a lot.

If you have no interest in investing, there are probably a couple of sentences in the 800+ pages that you'll find humorous. You'll probably be asleep before you get to them.

If you're interested in investing, you'll find some value in it. As a company with deep pockets, Bershire's able to take part in no-lose deals that no regular investor can. The overall principles are enlightening, though. The one that hits home for me is the notion of waiting for a perfect opportunity and then putting in a large portion of your worth into it. You'll have a couple of really great opportunities in your life, and you need to have the cash to exploit them. Don't squander your money on so-so opportunities, and don't be tenative when you know you're right.

If you've heard of Warren Buffet and want to learn more, you'll like this a lot.

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Good Omens

joclin picked this up from the library and recommended it. I finally got around to reading it (after finishing the rather hefty Of Permanent Value) and loved it. I think it was hilarious. The humor is kind of subtle in a ... British way, I guess. You'll enjoy this best if you pick up on details and find humor in random references.

I give this book a full seven squishy pigs (out of seven squishy pigs).

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Why Are You Doing This?

Looks interesting, but short.

Jason's other work also looks like it might be worth a read.

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