April 24, 2006


I'm starting to feel the love again for my PSP. I saw this article saying that Lemmings was coming out for the PSP. I can't wait. Lemmings was probably my first addiction on the computer in high school.

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April 20, 2006

Log Entry

10 pull ups? don't remember. definitely did something this day, but not much.

3x15 sit ups
3x10 @ 25# db chest

10 pull ups

10 pull ups

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April 17, 2006

Game AI

Game dev site that looks worthy of checking out. Only skimmed so far.

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TurboTax sucks again

I don't trust TurboTax for my own reasons, but I grant that it's a good solution for a lot of people most of the time. This just sounds like a totally brain-dead thing to do though. Clearly their system doesn't scale properly and their administrative plans are scribbled on the wall with a broken Crayon -- and then wiped through with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Out of the entire landscape of the web-based service universe, tax filing companies know their usage pattern. By the date. By the hour for some days. How could they consider shutting down the system for even a minute on the single most critical day of the year for them? Even if they absolutely had to do the reboot today, there should have been a message/response about the scheduled shutdown. After all, it was a scheduled shutdown and not an emergency response.

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April 16, 2006

Log Entry

10 pull ups
2x25 sit ups

3x10 sit ups
3x10 @ 25# decline press
3x10 @25# db chest (no longer rotating on press segment)

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April 13, 2006

Log Entry

3x10 pull ups
25 sit ups

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April 12, 2006

Log Entry

10 pull ups
25 sit ups

10 pull ups
(early morning all day mtg left me pretty tired)

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April 10, 2006

Log Entry

3x10 situps
3x10 decline dumbell press @ 20# each
10 135° flies, 10 90° flies, 10 rotating regular bench @ 20# each (herein referred to like "1 x 10 @ 20# db chest")

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April 09, 2006

Log Entry

January - February
-some push ups and some sit ups

10 pull ups

~ 2 miles @ ~11 min pace
10 pull ups

10 pull ups
25 sit ups

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Yet more GDS plug-ins

An international clock here. A synchronized note pad here.

Creating plug-ins is like crack for this code-monkey.

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