January 23, 2004

This Could Be You

See what'll happen to you if you don't save enough money for your old age. You'll have to rely on the state for room and board. He's totally doing the crime just so he can do the time.

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The Flightless Fly

Nothing is as fun as penguin batting. I got 321.1. I heard someone got 329. Man...

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January 22, 2004

Something Useful?

I've been thinking about writing up a program to help me keep track of Animal Crossing stuff. Yeah, that game came out a while ago. I've been thinking about this for a while. The thinking has gotten bigger. It's expanded to being able to keep track of any sort of RPG info. In fact, it's grown to an application that takes the place of static game information/walkthrough channels like GameFAQs and the Brady Games guides. So that's become the ultimate goal. Soon, I will start taking baby steps and creating something that helps keep track of just Animal Crossing stuff. Even if I don't get around to creating the ultimate version, this first version should be useful for when Animal Crossing 2 comes out.

Have you ever wanted anything like this? Am I the only one who prints out GameFAQs inventory lists and marks down the items I've gotten?

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January 21, 2004


People need to learn about investing their money. It should really be a high school class taught right after algebra. The importance of basic knowledge in this area will continue to grow as the national debt gets bigger and social security becomes more of a myth for today's young professionals.

We're financing today's old people, and I'm okay with that, but the government should drop the sham that we'll be able to get money from the SSA when we get old. From pensions to 401(k)'s and Super Bowl beer commercials to Super Bowl online trading commercials, all signs point to us providing for ourselves in retirement.

That's not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, that's the way things are in my imaginary ideal world where everyone knows how to manage their money. Without a national sense of forethought and investing savvy, the imaginary world crumbles and the need for a safety net like social security becomes painfully evident. Since the inevitability of that net not being there for us is...well...inevitable, we have to shore up the issue of getting people to think about their future and how to invest for it.

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Parking Lot Rules of Engagement

When you work at a large company that has just enough parking for everyone, you learn some things. You learn that almost everyone seems to come in at the same time. The parking lot either seems full or nearly empty. Five minutes on the wrong side of the threshold time (about 9:30 for where I work) can mean parking so far away that you're almost still on the highway.

You also learn that lunch time is the great equalizer. Muhuahaha. Prime spots open up at lunch time. You just have to get back before they do. Even a scrub like me who wakes up late can end up with a primo spot right by the door. Love it.

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