May 13, 2006

Log Entry

Over the last few days - random push ups

5/13 - 2x25 pushups
45-60 min jog.

How does a planned 20 min. jog turn into 45-60 min? Fly out to England, jog out a little, circle back, over shoot, inadvertantly cross the Thames, ask a lady how to get back (at the end of the road and to the right) to the Tube station by your hotel, listen carefully as she repeats the station you mentioned and then proceeds to give you directions to a different station, wander around some more, run through a market, ask couple manning an egg stand in a market (at the end of the road and to the right), listen carefully as they argue and give you different directions that both boil down to 'down the road and to the right', cross the Thames again, and finally get back. Thank you to the couple who managed to point me in the right direction at the end.

Come to think of it, the security guard who pointed me to a taxi stand the other night said 'down the road and to the right' and that was a bum steer, too. What's up with that? Two out of three 'down the road and to the right's are wrong.

Posted by kstroke at May 13, 2006 01:46 AM